Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pinoy Pod 48

"Heart in Two Places'' chronicles an immigrant's struggles, triumphs in America

This week, Pinoy Pod features an interview with veteran Filipino American journalist Gemma Nemenzo, the managing editor of Filipinas magazine. She talks to The Chronicle's Benjamin Pimentel about her new book, "Heart in Two Places: An Immigrant's Journey."

The critically-acclaimed book is, in many ways, a chronicle of the Filipino American experience told from different viewpoints - that of an expatriate, a single mother and an activist-journalist deeply concerned about the future of her homeland.

The collection of essays is about her life experiences since moving to America in 1988 when her marriage ended and she sought a fresh start.



Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pinoy Pod 47

Fil-Am novelist Peter Bacho captures experiences of war vets, immigrants

This week, reporter Benjamin Pimentel chats with novelist Peter Bacho, who has explored the Filipino American experience through books such as ''Cebu,'' about a young Filipino American priest, and "Dark Blue Suit and Other Stories,'' about the struggles of Filipino immigrants in the 1920s and 1930s.

His most recently published book "Entrys,'' is about the struggles of a young Filipino-Native American veteran who struggles to rebuild his life after surviving the horrors of the Vietnam War.

It's a sad tale that Bacho says resonates during these times when the country is wrestling with the social and psychological effects of another war. Bacho talks about how he started the book before the beginning of the war in Iraq.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pinoy Pod 46

New cookbook celebrates Philippine cuisine, history and culture
What started out as a dare turned into a cookbook that no only celebrates authentic Philippine cuisine, but also commemorates Filipino history and culture.
This week on Pinoy Pod, the authors of "Memories of Philippine Kitchens,'' restaurateurs Romy Dorotan and Amy Besa, tell The Chronicle's Michelle Louie about how the book started when a friend lamented about a dearth of good Filipino cookbooks.

The husband and wife team included their own memories of Filipino cuisine, and did extensive research, both in academia and in everyday households.
They talk about how Filipinos have adapted and borrowed recipes from other countries and down through time made them their own. They also talk about how Filipinos are "obsessed'' with food.
Besa and Dorotan are no strangers to the food business -- their upscale Filipino restaurant Cendrillon in New York's SoHo district celebrates its 12th anniversary in August.