Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pinoy Pod 34

Penaranda's Principles

Storyteller, poet and playwright Oscar Penaranda has written compelling tales for more than 30 years. His characters and story lines are as rich as his own life.

Now a high school teacher, he's lived in the coastal town of Barugo on the Philippine island of Leyte, in cosmopolitan Vancouver and the San Francisco Bay Area. For many years, he was a follower of the seasons and joined the workers who toiled and trekked from the farmlands of California to the fish canneries in Alaska.

The short stories in his award-winning book, "Seasons by the Bay," are set in those places, but his characters and lots are drawn from imagination rather than reality, Penaranda tells Pinoy Pod. Find out more about the author and his secrets to good storytelling this week.
Next week: Penaranda, the poet.

"Seasons by the Bay" is published by T'Boli Publishing & Distribution. For more information, write: tiboli@comcast.net.

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