Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pinoy Pod 32

FilAm Author Patricia Laurel

In this week's edition of Pinoy Pod, author Patricia Laurel talks about how she hopes her latest book, "Only If You Can Find Me," helps Filipino American youth appreciate their cultural heritage.

The book is the tale of a young Filipino American girl named Samantha Plum, who lives in San Francisco.

But when Sammy travels to the Philippines for the first time for her family's town fiesta, she encounters the spirits of her ancestors, learns she has inherited her family's psychic abilities and discovers her heritage.

Laurel is the great-grandniece of Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. In this phone interview from her home in Hawaii, Laurel tells The Chronicle's Michelle Louie about her inspiration for the book, which is the first of a trilogy, and hints at what's coming next.

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