Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pinoy Pod 26

Chronicling the Filipino diaspora

This week on Pinoy Pod, The Chronicle's Michelle Louie interviews Jeremiah Opiniano, president and founder of the Overseas Filipino Workers Journalism Consortium, a non-profit group of journalists who aim to cover the stories and the issues affecting Filipinos who have migrated far from their homeland.

Opiniano touches on issues such as whether the exodus of millions of Filipinos has diminished Philippine nationalism, the country's reliance on remittances from overseas workers and the practice of parents refraining from teaching their children Tagalog to ease assimilation in their a new land.

Opiniano is also the first journalism fellow of the Yuchengco Philippine Studies Center at USF and executive director of the Institute for Migration and Development Issues. He has also authored the book "Diaspora Philanthropy: Good News for the Poor."



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