Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pinoy Pod 9

Lou Diamond Phillips and the Beteranos of World War II

FilAm actor Lou Diamond Phillips talks about his reasons for supporting the struggle of Filipino World War II veterans. And then a chat with Almario Julaton, one of the thousands of Pinoy veterans who moved to the United States hoping for a better life for their families.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Boying,
Yes, I am very familiar with the struggles of the Filipino veterans struggle with the American government. My maternal step-grandfather, George Arce, was Gen. Douglas MacArthur's radioman. He came here with a scholarship to study medicine but when the war broke, he decided to fight for his country. In, fact, it was the General who "Americanized" his name to George. Anyway, when he was alive, we had no problem for Papa to have his medical needs met thru the Chicago veterans hospital. But when he moved to Florida, the West Palm Beach Veteran's hospital did not recognized him as a "true veteran." We had to fight the bureacratic tapes. I had to make some chaos for him to get the services he was entitled to. When he died, it took several years for us to receive the flag he was entitled to. They first told my grandmother she did not deserved to receive it because he was not a "true veteran" but someone, I guess, finally, granted us our wish. Finally, he was recognized as a "true veteran"...I just wished they told my Papa that.

Thu Aug 17, 11:37:00 AM  

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